Saturday, 20 October 2012

Follow me

So, I decided to start a blog :D I have found the last couple of years that the easiest way to sort out my thoughts is to write! I write in a journal at least once (if not multiple times a day!) and I thought I might share with others some of my thoughts that are not too personal.

One thing I am realizing more and more is that I don't need to understand everything that is going on in my life to follow and trust God. In fact, it really isn't necessary for me to understand, but it is VITAL that I trust. A verse which has really impacted me in this is John 21:22. It says, "Jesus answered, ""if I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me."" I have found that the second half of this verse jumps out at me every time I read it. I often wonder why life turns out the way it does, and it puzzles me how all the suffering and pain that I, and others have gone through, somehow fits into the big picture. But the fact is, I don't need to understand. God is sovereign and all things are used for His ultimate glory. All that matters is that I obediently follow God down the path He has for me.

Because of the impact this verse has had on my life, and how at this time I feel stronger than ever my need to follow and trust God, whatever journey He takes me on, I decided to use it as the name of my blog.

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