Sunday, 28 October 2012

To trust or not to trust?

Each day I wake up, I have a choice. A choice to start my day with God first, reading His Word, and praying that my day would be used for His glory. Or I can wake up and get overwhelmed by the storms I have to face and forget to cry out to Jesus.

I used to think it wasn't all that important to start the day with a quiet time. I thought as long as I fit it in somewhere it was fine. But now I realize why it is so important. It focuses our minds (that so quickly wander) on the ONLY thing that really matters in this World... God. It helps us to think and acknowledge His sovereignty in our lives and realize that we MUST depend on Him to get through the day and glorify Him!

And then throughout the day, I keep having little choices. Choices to see things that happen in my life from a 'God' perspective or a human perspective.  Looking through my human lens, I get overwhelmed very easily. For example, the car that is going so slow in front of me, my favourite cup breaking on the ground, that very ugly red breakout on my face, or the assignment results that get me down, can ruin my day and make me so frustrated. But... when I look through my 'God' lens, and acknowledge that He plans, uses, and is involved in EVERYTHING that happens in my life, and will make it work out for good, all these things start to loose their hold on me. Instead of letting life get me down, I can turn to God time and time again and say, "I don't know what your plan is in this situation, but I trust you to work it out!" All those things, like worry, anger, and frustration, that we feel when life doesn't work out the way we want, starts to become unimportant when we KNOW beyond any doubt that GOD is in complete control. There is such joy and peace in knowing that in Christ we are more than conquerers!

Every moment we have the choice to acknowledge God as Sovereign and trust Him to work it out, or we can wallow in our own misery or self pity. The choice is ours. So what will we do? To trust or not to trust???

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