Friday, 23 November 2012

Captivating beauty

I long to be beautiful, to feel feminine, attractive and desired. These are natural God given desires, but how do we channel them? I'm not proud of the way I search and look for beauty. Too often I spend my time agonizing over my flaws, hating the healthy body God has blessed me with, and telling myself over and over how inadequate and undesirable I am. And according to the World's definition of beauty and femininity it's true. I am inadequate and undesirable. I don't have the perfect hourglass body, the flawless face and flowing hair. I rarely get attention from guys, and I lack the charm and natural grace that beautiful women have.

But the truth is... I AM beautiful. But not for the reasons the World says. I am beautiful because of my Creator. I reflect His image... Yes, God created humans to reflect the image of God. The Man portrays strength, leadership, and protection. And yet... the World was not complete with just man. So God created women to reflect another side of His image. We represent so many things including love, inner strength, a caring heart, and wait for it... beauty.  

Along the way our beauty has been tainted. Our hearts no longer portray the perfect beauty and gentle love of God. So often we use our sensitivity and strength to tear ourselves and each other down. Women hearts have traded beauty, love, and mercy, for anger, bitterness, and downright ugliness. No wonder we search far and wide to fill that need for beauty again.

But... as Christians we have the answer. It is simply Christ. A heart that has been captivated and made whole by the love of Jesus once again radiates such strength and beauty. A beauty that will not fade like our physical body. When we are captivated by the love of Christ, people will see nothing but beauty. But it won't be an outward flawed beauty... rather the radiating and life changing beauty of our Saviour. Yes... when we radiate the beauty of Christ lives will be changed and we will be able to truly fill our purpose as women. To touch others and spread the love of Christ to those who need it so desperately.

This is the kind of beauty I want and desire. Somehow, I've got side-tracked along the way. But I want once again to be captivated by the love of Christ and radiate that kind of beauty to the world around me.Yes, in Christ... I am beautiful.


  1. Great post Jess. I wholeheartedly agree - except for the first paragraph! You actually ARE a stunning girl, and I'm not trying to flatter you or anything. You are gorgeous all over, especially when you flash that amazing smile of yours!

    I never got attention from guys either when I was your age (although I tried lol) and now I'm glad for it.. I wouldn't have wanted to end up with anyone other than Jason :). I think sometimes God blinds the wrong men to our beauty, waiting for the right guy! So believe it, there is nothing plain about you darling!

  2. naww thanks Hannah! Your comment really made me smile! :)

    And I definitely agree with you. After all, I'd rather have only one guy (my future husband) ever notice me for the right reasons, rather than a million running after me for the wrong. x