Thursday, 22 November 2012

Captivating Love

Every girl wants to feel that she belongs, is loved, and considered valuable to those around her. I grew up anticipating the day when a guy would notice and pursue me, loving me regardless of all my flaws. Through experiences and little revelations along the way I have learnt somewhat painfully that life isn't like fairy tales, and that a guy can never fill my need to be loved and seen as valuable. But I've also learnt that there is a love, a love which passes anything I can possibly imagine. There is someone who passionately pursues me, and loves me fearlessly despite all my flaws. This love is so beautiful that no matter what guilt and shame I carry or how worthless and unlovable I feel, there is always forgiveness, healing and peace in His arms. In this love, I am truly beautiful, loved, and at peace. Yes, there is such a thing as beautiful, amazing, captivating love. And it is mine... And nothing I can do can separate me from this Love. I cannot run away from it, because this Love will follow me to the depths and the heights. It will pursue me and find me when I need it most. This Love will never let me go. In this Love I am complete.

This song compliments how I feel about this Love so beautifully. It makes me want to cry every time I hear it.

When someone dries your tears When someone wins your heart and says your beautiful When you don't know you are And all you long to see Is written on his face Love has come and finally set you free On that wedding day


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